Learn To Fly - Novice P2 Course

Learn To Fly - Novice P2 Course

This Course is designed for those who want to qualify for a rating to fly solo in Canada and around the world.

This course is a must for safe flying on your own and to be able to fly at rating-required sites in Canada. The program includes the P1 beginner level progressing on to the P2 certification level. Our goal is to help you become a thinking, independent pilot.

The course includes all of the material in the Novice P1 and takes you further, refining both your practical and theoretical knowledge. We will be flying at a variety of sites with certified instructors, perfecting your launching and landing techniques , canopy control , thermalling , XC flying and decision making . The ultimate goal is to achieve 25 high flights. This course is 10 days.

Paragliding HPAC Novice test and a log book are included.

All courses include modern equipment – paraglider, back protection harness, reserve parachute and 2-way radio. Comfortable air conditioned transportation to launch and a launch and landing instructor for up to 10 flights until you know how to land yourself safely .

0 days of instruction, all equipment supplied.